HMSD Design Research & Strategy is a human-centered design research and strategy consultancy. Design research leverages hybrid research methods to guide the design and development of products, services, communications and organizations. Led by Principal Heidi McCulloch, HMSD is fanatically committed to revealing insight that results in meaningful innovation to address real human needs, both current and emergent.


DESIGN Research

In-depth interviewing
Online community discussions
In-person group discussions (workshopping, focus groups)
User-testing (qualitative & quantitative)
Survey-based quantitative methods


Identifying trends and drivers for the development of “plausible future scenarios” relevant to the challenge at hand.
Illuminating emergent human needs and strategic opportunities.

Persona-Based Segmentation

Leveraging qualitative and quantitative design research methods to build detailed need-based personas.
Leveraging quantitative research methods to validate persona segments, prioritize needs and quantify opportunity.


Leveraging design research methods to populate the thinking/ feeling/ doing journey mapping framework for experience design applications.


A participatory process that brings together diverse stakeholder groups for design prototyping purposes.


For the purposes of user experience and technology design, use cases are captured to determine functional needs, activity flows and define design principles.


Innovation in many forms
Customer experience design
User experience design
Communication design
Curriculum design
Organizational design